WWU rally draws 120-plus

GREEN-WWU-3-copyMore than 120 Western Washington University employees turned out for a major Contract Solidarity Rally in WWU’s Red Square Wednesday (July 30) on a day their bargaining team made more progress at the table.

This all shows growing momentum as the bargaining team and those covered by the contract showed in a big way their commitment to the hard work needed to win a strong contract as good as WWU’s employees.

Displayed at the rally were poignant statements like this one from a fiscal technician:

“Everything costs more and my salary remains stagnant. Rent, housing, food, utilities all rise but not my income. Please do not take part in destroying the Middle Class. Please support all of the hardworking employees of this state so we all have a chance at life.”

Or this one from a custodian:

“I cannot put forth the money to be able to co-pay for my wisdom teeth to be removed at the dentist.”

And this one from a retail clerk:

“I cannot move my family into housing large enough to let us all live comfortably and I cannot buy enough food to keep us fed. We barely make enough to survive!”

Real people working very hard to support their families, community and students.

We’ve created an album of all the photos from the WWU rally submitted by members. It’s on our flickr network: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wfse/sets/72157646065561982/

Meanwhile, at the bargaining table and boosted by the successful rally outside, the WWU Bargaining Team reached tentative agreement (TA) on the contract article covering classifications. At the previous session, the team TA’d the Grievance Article and struck the Election of Remedy language.

At Wednesday’s bargaining session, they also had a detailed discussion on the budget and compensation issues, though no compensation proposals were exchanged.

The team next bargains Aug. 11.


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